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Mary Vernick
SCI President

Mary Canavan, Nancy McDaniel
SCI Curriculum Leaders

SCI Vision, Mission and Organization

Vision Statement

SCI will be known to everyone on Skidaway Island as the “go to” organization for stimulating intellectual discussion, educational development and cultural enjoyment. SCI members will be intellectually energized and enlightened through SCI programs and interaction with fellow participants. Classes, lectures, musical performances, film and drama will attract all ages.

SCI will provide a convenient way for members to access high quality education from outstanding professionals in their field. Where possible, the education will be provided in local venues at convenient times. For educational and cultural opportunities off-island, SCI members will enjoy easy, priority registration and comfortable, safe transportation.

SCI will enhance the desirability of Skidaway Island as a place to live. This high quality amenity will complement the existing golf, tennis, fitness, bridge and other social outlets and position Skidaway Island real estate more competitively than local alternatives.

Mission Statement

SCI's mission is to provide educational and cultural activities, both directly and in partnership with other local organizations, to SCI members and the community. Offerings range from a single session to five sessions over a five week period. While courses are typically held on Skidaway Island, many offerings take advantage of the greater Savannah cultural opportunities and bus or car-pool SCI members to the event.

SCI Organization

  • Bob Aiken, Chairman
  • Mary Vernick, President
  • Claude Wilson, Treasurer
  • Janet Wilson, Secretary
  • Mary Canavan, VP of Offerings
  • John Kane, VP
  • Paige Word, VP
  • Nancy McDaniel, Director of University Relations
  • Dee Angell, Director of Current and International Events
  • Forrest Dixon, Director of Offering Management
  • Denis Healy, Marketing and Publicity
  • Allison Smith, Event Manager

History and Justification

In the fall of 2005, Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU) Department of Continuing Education began offering courses on Skidaway Island on a trial basis. They were extremely well received by the residents. The number of courses and the registrants increased by 50% in the 2006 winter semester. People loved having the courses so conveniently located and the late afternoon schedule complemented the other activities in their busy day.

Beyond the individual’s benefit, there is the larger community benefit. Skidaway Island has a lovely visual location; outdoor amenities like boating, fishing, golf, tennis, biking, and others; an efficient and self-contained village with shops, banks, service station, library and financial management support. SCI delivers an educational and cultural focal point that satisfies a growing need currently missing in our community.