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Dr. Michael Hall
History of Middle East

SCAD Fashion Show May 15, 2010

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Dr. Teresa Winterhalter
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May 16, 2009
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Welcome to SCI

What's New!

We have a significant announcement to make about the future of the Skidaway Community Institute: SCI is merging with The Learning Center of Senior Citizens, Inc. There are many benefits for our members:

  • Four distinct semesters of offerings, including summer
  • Two campuses -- the current Skidaway Island campus and The Learning Center campus on Bull Street
  • Many more unique, non-duplicated programs available at each campus
  • Access to other special events, discussion and language groups, garden tours, and a new relaxed social environment at the Bull Street location
  • International travel opportunities with corresponding preparatory courses
  • A broader circle of friends committed to lifelong learning
  • Organizational stability for the future

Some things that will be familiar to our current members in the new organization:

  • Offerings on Skidaway Island
  • Online email communication
  • Offering registration through web-based shopping cart
  • Hard copy brochure/newsletter with registration option via US postal mail
  • Articles and ads for upcoming events in local publications like The Landings Journal, the Skinnie, and the TWATL
  • Allison Smith continuing as the Skidaway Campus Event Manager
  • An annual membership fee of $75 per person, renewable on the anniversary date of purchase (the "family membership" will no longer be available)
  • High quality, reasonably priced (or free) offerings

A set of "Frequently Asked Questions and Answers" have been developed to explain the merger. You may access them here.

SCI Overview

The Skidaway Community Institute (SCI) is a public, non-profit corporation established in late 2005 for the benefit of the Skidaway Island residents and those in the surrounding communities. SCI has been a convenient way for its members to gain new knowledge or build upon current knowledge. This desirable amenity also presented a forum for people of like interests to meet and interact.

SCI's mission was to provide educational and cultural activities, both directly and in partnership with other local organizations, to SCI members and the community. Offerings ranged from a single session to five sessions over a five week period. While courses were typically held on Skidaway Island at the Presbyterian Church, many offerings took advantage of the greater Savannah cultural opportunities and members typically carpooled to the event.

This website is organized to provide information to all visitors, to enable non-members to join the new organization, TLC, and to assist members in managing their accounts and registering for upcoming offerings.  An explanation of the site's organization and function follows:

Vision, Mission, and Organization
Learn about the history of the Skidaway Community Institute, the Vision held by the founders from the outset, the Mission, and the way SCI was organized.

SCI (now TLC) Courses and Offerings
SCI has merged with The Learning Center (TLC) of Senior Citizens, Inc. TCL course leaders are professors, authors and experts in their field. Educational topics include courses and lectures on current events, health, history, language, literature, nature, psychology, science and many more. Cultural offerings address architecture, art, film, historic preservation, local tours, and music. Most TLC-sponsored offerings are for TLC members-only. However, TLC may open their events to non-member participation.

You may use the TLC shopping cart to purchase a membership and register for your courses using a Visa or MasterCard. Click Register Here to review the offerings. Offerings that are available for non-members will be indicated as such.

If you would like to see the offerings that you have registered for, or who will be attending along with you, we have a number of reports that allow you to see your enrollment or enrollees by offering available for your access. This is a great way for you to arrange for a carpool to these offerings with your TLC friends.

Become a TLC Member or Renew your Membership
TLC membership is open to everyone. An individual membership fee is $75 per year and each membership period extends for one year from the joining date.

You may use the TLC shopping cart to purchase a membership and register for your courses using a Visa or MasterCard. Click Join Here to become a TLC member.

Manage Your Account
You may update and manage your personal account profile. You will have to sign in to your account in order to register for TLC offerings. The first time you enter the registration facility, we encourage you go to the Authentication block on the right side of the screen and create a profile. If you had one under SCI, it is still valid.

Other Information
The SCI Website is the primary repository for all Skidaway Community Institute information and documentation. Use this section for other historical information.

Contact Information
We welcome your feedback. Use this feature to communicate with SCI or The Learning Center.

We hope you have found the information and services you were looking for and hope will become an active participant in the The Learning Center!